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All American Family Nevada Pageants
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Judging Criteria
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Letters from Contestants
We are a family values oriented pageant system. We believe all contestants are beautiful and that each individual has a special and unique value. We offer a variety of different options (which apply toward Supreme), each weighted equally, so that contestants can choose their own areas of strength and put their best foot forward.

We seek to be represented by contestants who are naturally beautiful, inside and out. They have personality, character and a special quality that shines through. We want to see each one as an individual. We will not do any line-ups at this pageant. We want each contestant to be evaluated on his or her own merit and not compared to other contestants.

The Beauty score is determined based on three areas: Personality (as determined by interview. This is not an 'I.Q.' test but based on the personal appeal & character of each individual), Natural Facial Beauty ('pageant' hair and some makeup are allowed, but we prefer them to be age appropriate and to enhance the natural beauty of the contestant, not alter their appearance to look like an unnatural "standard." We do discourage "obvious" makeup, especially on babies & small children. Older girls are allowed a little more lee-way. Please, no fake tans, fake eyelashes, extensions, falls, etc. The point is that cosmetics should enhance, not alter, the appearance) and Attire (which is based on how well the clothing fits, how age appropriate it is and how well it compliments the wearer). We do not judge by the cost of the garment, who the designer is or how many beads are on the dress. A fancy pageant dress and a Sunday Best dress could be equally successful if they fit all of these criteria and if the contestant looks and feels great in them.

For photos we allow glamour type pictures and they can have fancy hair & makeup. However, we prefer photos that look "real" and not overly "retouched." Many pageant photographers automatically touch up the photos and we are not penalizing them for this. However, we prefer that the photo be an accurate representation of the person, as much as possible. We do not look for only the big name pageant photographers. A good photo from a local department store could be just as successful as a top pageant photographer. We are judging the photogenic merit of the person in the photo, not the skill of the photographer. There is no score for "eye contact." Smiling or serious photos are equally acceptable.

For modeling ability (and talent) we look at what they are able to do and how it relates to the age of the contestant. For beauty modeling, we prefer straight run-way, Miss America-type modeling. For the optional sportswear modeling event each contestant is allowed to choose his or her own modeling style. We do not add or subtract points for the style they choose, merely for how well they model for their age. (There is no "modeling" score for the beauty competition).

We especially like to see contestants who are attractive, personable, poised, confident and happy with themselves.