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All American Family Nevada Pageants
Age Divisions


Age Divisions
Judging Criteria
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There is no double crowning! There will be one Grande Supreme, and 3 Mini Supreme titles in addition to the King/Queen and runners-up. EVERYONE receives a crown, sash and/or trophy! Other wonderful gifts and prize packages to be awarded.  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. We will be holding a FREE workshop the weekend of the pageant for anyone wanting to learn what is expected from the judges.

Age and Gender Divisions

Aquamarine Queen (0-11 months)
Platinum King (0-11 months)
Topaz Queen (12-23 months)
Gold King (12-23 months)
Ruby Queen (2-3 years)
Silver King (2-3 years)
Sapphire Queen (4-6 years)
Bronze King (4-6 years)
Amethyst Queen (7-9 years)
Iron King (7-9 years)
Emerald Queen (10-13 years)
Steel King (10-13 years)
Diamond Queen (14-17 years)
Copper King (14-17 years)
Opal Queen (18-29 years)
Pewter King (18 & up)
Peridot Queen (30+ years)
Alexandrite Queen (Plus-size woman-Size 16 & up)
Pearl Queen (Plus-size girl/teen)
Garnet Queen (Special Needs/Physically Challenged)

Our Director

Anna Marie has been involved in the performing arts most of her life. An avid ballet dancer and part-time local actor, she also enjoys participating in the occasional pageant. She is married to her husband Dan, of 10 years, and has four beautiful children. Anna Marie is also a self-employed business owner.

Anna Marie & her kids in a recent, fun photo shoot

We reserve the right to combine age/gender divisions if less than 5 contestants per division. Director also reserves the right to ADD titles and prizes, including but not limited to fully paid "Next Level" Competition fees, Divisional Supreme titles (20 to be awarded, based on entries), and/or cash on stage.  Age is based on the date of the pageant, with a 2 week birthday grace period in either direction.